Half-lit moon on a jet-black night

I work for the machine three days a week, making money to provide for my family and playing the game. It is soul-sucking work, not because it is inherently bad or wrong, but because every fiber of my being knows that I am called to something much more aligned with Life. Most of us are living lives of quiet desperation, trapped in the matrix despite seeing our plight. Knowing is not enough. The structures needed to support the new world still mostly exist in the minds and hearts of our future selves. And so we wake up each morning, pinching our nostrils like young children trying to lessen our disgust as we force the bites down. At the same time, we know that a moment will arrive when we will be ready for the change for which our hearts are longing. When will that time come? Could it be now? Am I ready?

Roughly two months ago I noticed a slight shift happening in my mind and heart. I began to notice friends’ and acquaintances’ murmurings from afar—though faint and distant—that change is afoot. And so I began searching, at first online, but soon after in the quiet, secret garden within. I noticed, with great surprise and delight, the signs that dawn was approaching in that cold and dark place. Can you sense it, friend? As we approach the 2nd anniversary of this lockdown, the energy is finally shifting. We are reaching, or maybe have already reached, the breaking point.

The spell is broken, and the wheels are coming off. It’s not yet clear that we have reached a wider tipping point, but it will come. For now, let it be enough to allow your heart to open to the mystery that is dawning. Each morning, I lie in bed against the bare skin of my beloved and I sink deeply into this space of trust. Our hearts attune and we abandon ourselves to presence. Within that space, where the mind goes silent and the heart reigns, we are finding deep wells of trust.

Can you feel it? The goosebumps pepper my limbs as I open myself to the ever emergent, unfolding Now. We came here to meet this moment. And though we are still encountering our fear in painful ways, we can also discover how much bigger our love is than we ever imagined. You were not called to this life, and this moment, only to discover that your heart is inadequate. There is no scarcity here. There is only the fear—hardened by  years of society’s reinforcement—that you will not measure up.

What gets uncovered as we sink into the heart of the mystery is that hope is an illusion. Hope exists within the dualistic mindset that believes in success and failure. The more beautiful world exists on another plane. You will not find it with your mind. You must sink into the heart space to experience it. Close your eyes for a few minutes, following your breath and listening with the ear of your heart. Allow your consciousness to sink, down and back, to the space I recently heard called “the seat of our ancestors.” In the field behind your heart you will find a spring, and the nourishment from that spring will awaken your soul and quench its thirst.

Dawn breaks in a swath of purple, orange, and blue over a sandy beach

Dawn is breaking, even as all hope appears to be lost. Our minds will not and cannot rise to meet this moment. Only our hearts, and the mystical presence of mystery, are big enough to witness what is truly unfolding.


This moment.

Enter the mystery.

Let go.


You were born for this. We all were. It’s ok to be afraid. But remember that you are not alone. And as you find your song, your courage will rise to carry you, and others will witness and join you. Together, we will find our way through the darkness and into the new light that is dawning.